The Bow River Bank Reconstruction Project Has Started

You may have noticed heavy trucks on Home Road this last week.  Over the next 3-4 weeks (Sundays excepted) some 900 truckloads of material will be traveling east on 16th Ave., then up Home road, turning left on an access road into eastern Bowmont Park where the material will be stored before it is ultimately moved to the riverbank below 52nd Street and in Bowmont Park.   Continue reading

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Bow River Repair Plans: A Presentation from the City

As many in Montgomery probably know, in the June flood we lost a LOT of the hillside along the Bow, from Bowmont Park, down along the back side of 52nd Street, down to the bridges.  The city has been studying the newly created cliffs and beach and is developing a plan to bring stability to the area and to prevent further erosion, should water levels rise like that again.  Click on the link to see a presentation from the city outlining what happened and what they know so far.  It is expected that repairs to the banks will start in October.  Montgomery Bow Bank Erosion and Repair Strategy Presentation


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Provincial Support for Rebuilding after the June Flood: An Update

If you are wondering whether you live in a flood “fringe” area, whether you qualify for rebuilding funds, or what those funds might include,  click here for more information from the Provincial Government website.  Details are still evolving, so this information is considered current as of end of July.  We will post further updates here as they come in.

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Buyers Beware, Post-Flood

While the dominant story the 2013 Calgary flood has been the outpouring of community spirit and generosity, there has also been some price gouging and other shady practices.  The Calgary Herald reported on some of those practices on July 5 (click here for that story).  And Don Braid’s column of July 6 may also be helpful to those in the rebuilding process (click here for that one).

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Getting back to “normal” could take time.

Bowmont Engineers 03

Engineers discussing the Montgomery river bank’s stability.

As Montgomery’s residents return home and start to get back to some of their daily routines, we are reminded that the situation is still far from normal.  All of us will be dealing with transportation issues for some time to come, many with disruptions at work, and some with clean up.  And for some in our community, erosion of river banks is still a clear and present danger.  For the Herald’s summary of how things stand on June 26, and an interview with our own David Baker (MCA board member and planning committee chair) click here.

Bowmont Erosion 7 copy

What the engineers were looking at.


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A Message from MCA President, Marilyn Wannamaker

Mustering Station 01

The community centre as muster station . . .

The Mustering Station at Montgomery Community Centre is now closed. All of our homes have power and everyone is welcome to come home. The land erosion and sloughing along 52nd Street is being monitored. The residents directly impacted are keeping in close contact.

I would like to recognize Janine McAuliffe  for her calm, can-do attitude and her incredible competence and connections with the community. To say thank you seems too minimal for all that Janine has done. First, she has not had a day off since last Sunday. She has been at the Community Centre from morning till night for the past three days. She has organized resources, provided information not only about Montgomery, but also about Bowness to the army, city, and first responders who have needed immediate answers. She has delivered food to Bowness and has been in contact with the Bowness Community Centre to ensure that our neighbours know that we as a community are here to help if needed. After a visit to Bow Crescent, she called Rona and asked for wheelbarrows to be delivered to the Bowness Community Centre. Through all of this, she continued to operate the Community Centre and held the Community Soccer Banquet. Janine is truly a gift and a blessing.

Next, I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people over the lastArmy in Monty three days and would like to thank some of them now. The army detachment from Lethbridge, who were the first to show up with an offer to help our neighbours,  managed their responsibility with professionalism. John K. from the City of Calgary has been the daytime lead of the mustering station. He took charge Sunday afternoon and worked tirelessly to get power on to all of the homes in the community. He coordinated with City Building Inspectors, Enmax, and Atco employees, safety always being the primary consideration of all the decisions being made.

Noble Mike

Local Hero, Chef Michael Noble of NOtaBLE restaurant fed the displaced and volunteered his time and resources tirelessly. Montgomery thanks you!

Thank you to Donna Kennedy-Glans who has been to the community. She has offered her help and support to the community. Ms. Kennedy-Glans has toured 52nd Street, has been in touch with the residents, and has committed to ensure the issue is not lost in the overwhelming devastation of the flooding. Her support and the support of her office has been very reassuring.

Dale Hodges has been responding to his own home flooding and, at the same time, he has been in contact with our community. Dale our thoughts are with you.

If there are any of neighbours who require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the community centre and register your needs. We will endeavour to continue to support you to the best of our abilities.

Many of our residents have offered assistance. Throughout our community, we heard “don’t worry about me (us) we can manage, help Bowness.” If people are looking to help, there are many of our friends and neighbours across the river that still have major clean-up needs. I would encourage you to go to the Bowness Community Centre to register. Rubber boots, gloves, and a mask are a must if you are going over to help clean.  Stay safe and connected.


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Calgary Water: Clean, but in Short Supply

The City of Calgary is requesting that residents restrict water use as much as they can, but water quality itself is high and city water is safe to drink as is. For more information on the water conservation mandate, click here.

Update, June 30:  Outdoor watering restrictions have been lifted.  The public is still requested to be careful about their water use, especially for the next few days.

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The Situation Along 52nd Street

Bowmont Aerial BA 52nd Street

Update: June 25. Before and after photos. Click to enlarge.

The Calgary Herald reports on June 23 that serious erosion is taking place on the riverfront side of Montgomery properties along 52nd Street.  The Maranatha Church is also affected.  To learn more click here (this article first details the situation in Bowness Park).


Update, June 25: The eroding bank seen from the side.


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