Calgary Flood 2013

Montgomery and its environs was directly affected by the Calgary flood of June 2013.  This is a brief picture essay of photos collected from friends of the MCA.  For film of the flood’s impact in our sister community of Bowness as well as the rest of Calgary, click here.

Bowmont Flood 01
Bowmont Park’s bike paths were completely submerged in places when the river crested.
Bowmont Flood 4
Looking across at Bowness (Bow Crescent) from Bowmont Park.


Bowmont Flood 05
Where the bike path in Bowmont crosses the dirt path down from Varsity–still underwater several days after the cresting.
Bowmont Flood 2
Bowmont Park flooded–most of the former gravel pit was underwater as the river crested.
The road through Shouldice Park was awash for some time.
The river spread out over much of Shouldice Park, submerging benches and paths.
West End of Shouldice
Receding waters in Shouldice Park left a mess behind.
Shouldice Aftermath
Shouldice Flood
The water receded, but for a long time Shouldice park and river itself were hard to tell apart.