Clean Up 2014

Community Clean-Up 2014 is a wrap.  Lots of trash, metal, electronics, tires, organics and more have left Montgomery to be recycled and what have you.  Thanks to all the great volunteers who worked so hard (in wet snow!) to make the 8th CU another success.  And thanks to our many sponsors as well:

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 8.33.12 AM

The day started with our marching orders.

Clean Up 07   CleanUp 2014 15

Even before the official start time, everyone hit the pavement and got to work., loading trash onto trucks and appliances/electronics into the recycling bin.

Clean Up 2014 02            Cleanup 06

18   24

23  26

Clean Up 2014 03        Clean Up 2014 05

Many thanks are also due to those who worked inside the community centre, keeping us all organized and well fed.  We should have gotten a pic. of the lovely spread they put on for the volunteers.

Most of the field commanders gathered for a photo at the end of the day (a tough group to wrangle into one place).

Clean Up 2014 04