Community Garden, 2014

The community garden, located on 48th street across from the west end of Montelban Park,  is a collective space.  Community membersGarden 2010 for Posting
are invited to help plan the garden, work the soil, and share in the harvest for a nominal annual garden fee of $20 and an MCA membership.  In the spring and summer, there are some group work days as well as plenty of opportunities to dig in on your own.


Review of 2014

September 6: First (delicious) harvest pics!

20140904_211130   20140904_211230

20140904_211332  20140904_211340


Time to celebrate a fantastic harvest!


August 21:  The garden is just packed with harvestables, and almost-readies, and someday-soon crops.

20140806_200332  20140806_200322

20140806_200414  20140806_200528

20140806_200154  20140806_200451

20140806_201038  20140806_200522

All Summer Long:  Group work parties on Saturday mornings.

14 planting

Planted field, May 26

April 14 meeting report:  The group decided what to plant (see the list below) and made decisions about ordering compost and mulch (volunteers to help spread are always welcome!).  Everything is in order for the start of the season.

Community Garden Planting List 2014