Playground Build, Sept. 2013

The new play-structure at the community centre is pretty fantastic–in fact it’s called “Club Awesome.”

Here’s the finished product:

Complete with Rocks 3    Complete with Rocks 4

Many thanks to our community volunteers, the generous sponsors, including ATB Financial and the Parks Foundation Calgary, and to the amazing folks who came out from ATB to work on the build.

Here’s how it all came together.

Even on Day 1 it really started to take shape:

PlaygroundBuildDay1   Playground Day 1  01


On Day 2, the structure was completed and just awaited welding and inspection:

Playground Day 2  03                 Playground Day 2  04


Playground Day 2  05   Playground Day 2  01

Day 3:  The Structure was Welded Together

Playground Day 3 cropped   Playground Day 3 02


Early the following week, the ground was prepared and a springy surface was laid which should be nice to land on.

Playground Near completion


The playground “grand-opening” took place at the Fall Fair later in September (MCA Prez, Marilyn Wannamaker, and Alderman Dale Hodges did the honours).


19  20

And finally, the climbing rocks were added:

Complete with Rocks

Now the playground seems never to be empty.  Lots of kids and fun here, almost the year ’round.