Full Monty Mini-Fest

Full Monty 01
Ribbon cutting at the new community information centre.


The Full Monty Mini-Fest, June 15, 2013, was quite an event.  Lots of people from the community came out to look over the improvements at Montgomery Town Square (next to Safeway, at the corner of Home and Bowness Roads).  There was good food to sample, lots of local businesses had booths, and the live music was fantastic.  The event was MCed by NOtaBLE’s owner, Michael Noble and featured a ribbon cutting at the “M,” our new community information centre.  Our city Alderperson and MLA were both on hand for the ceremony.  Then, suddenly, the sky darkened ominously, the wind came up, and the crowd scattered for shelter, while volunteers wrestled the sound equipment to safety and kept the tents from blowing away, bringing an early end to the first annual Mini-Fest.  Still, it was a good time and an excellent opportunity to imagine the future of this lovely space.  Next year we hope the weather co-operates a little bit better!  Here are a few pictures of the event.


Setting up the business and community booths and preparing the stage for speeches and three (!) awesome bands.

Set Up 01   Set Up 02


Our own Michael Noble fired up the crowd, followed by Olympic speed skater and Montgomery resident, Kristina Groves, and then the Stampede Marching band (which was spectacular in such an intimate venue, we have to say).

Stage 01   Stage 03       Band 01  Band 03


Band 02

Then our Alderman, Dale Hodges, took the stage, as did our MLA, Donna Kennedy-Glans, and then the great music began.

Speeches 04  Speeches 05  Stage 06  Crowd 01

And then the dark clouds rushed in and we all had to rush out . . .

Last Pic  Big M