AGM Report

AGM 2014The MCA held its Annual General Meeting on Feb. 25.  There was great attendance and a lot of good news.  Click on the link below to read the report that was distributed at the meeting, outlining the year’s activities and the MCA’s financials.

AGM Report 2014


A New Year Means It’s MCA Membership Renewal Time

Membership in the Montgomery Community Association is about the best bargain you’ll ever find.  It gives you free access to programs ranging from weekly children’s playgroup to the garden to the monthly senior social, confers voting rights at the AGM, and gives you an easy way to support the MCA’s activities, ranging from maintenance of the community centre to such popular programs as the community clean-up.  Single/Family membership is just $20 with deep discounts for seniors, and business membership is $30.  For more information and the requisite forms to fill out, visit the membership tab above or click here.

Bowmont Pathway Closed for Repairs

path closed 02The paved pathway in Bowmont Park along the river is still closed, for the most part, through at least the end of January.  The fencing has moved a bit, opening some sections of pathway at different times, but users should continue to plan on using the alternate route for the next while.     For more info. and a map of the closure, click here and page down to the section on the Northwest.

Tuesday, March 4: Open House, Bowmont Improvement Project

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 1.20.23 PMMore than a year ago, a plan was proposed for considerable improvements to Bowmont Park.  After soliciting public opinion, a revised plan was developed, but further engagement with the public  was then disrupted by the June floods. Now we have a chance to see the plan in full, discuss it with city representatives, and give feed back.  This public meeting will focus specifically on issues related to off-leash use of the park, which has been a point of some contention.  The March 4 open house will run from 5-8 pm at the Varsity Community Centre (4303 Varsity Drive NW ).  For more information, click here to see the city’s page on Bowmont Improvement plans.

Calgary Action Plan Community Input, March 3-21

The City of Calgary is looking ahead to 2015-2018 and calling for “citizen and community input on balancing quality City services with affordable tax rates for the next four years. Action Plan 2015 – 2018  is running in-person public engagement events in every city ward with over 20 events in 18 days.”  In our area, city reps. will be on hand on Friday,  March 7, 4-8 p.m., at Market Mall (between Target and Safeway), and Tuesday, March 11, 10-2, at Northland Village Mall (Centre Court).  Or, you can have your say on-line by clicking here.  For more information about the Action Plan, click here.