Update: Enmax Home Road Powerline Project

Enmax has submitted a request with the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) to increase the size and change the shape of the power line towers on Home Road, and to increase the amount of power going through the lines.  Deadline to submit concerns about the project to the AUC in writing is June 17, in preparation for a two-day hearing, July 17 and 18 (at which no new concerns can be raised).  AUC’s decision follows in 90 days.

What is Enmax proposing?  To replace the latticed power towers on Home Road with solid metal ones 1.5 meters in diameter at the base, and 5-15 meters higher than the current towers.  Power through the lines will double.  The increased height will allow the lines to be far enough away from homes to make it legal to carry that much power.

Who can register concerns?  Just about everyone living in Montgomery is close enough to these lines to be considered a stakeholder (intervener).  Those living within 200 meters seem to be understood to have the greatest stake.

How do I learn more and/or express concerns?  Go to www.auc.ab.ca and click on eFiling system login.  Follow the directions to sign up.  The project to go to is Proceeding 23981.  Many documents related to the project are posted at this site.

To express concerns you need to become an “intervener.”  To do this, once you are on the Proceeding 23981 site, click on “Registered Parties” in the list on the left, then click on “Register to Participate.”  You will have the option to express concerns while registering or also to follow up with documentation separately.

The AUC strongly recommends that people who wish to express concerns work together to gather documentation and present their case.  More information on how to link up with others will be forthcoming shortly.