Montgomery: A “NoBow” Community

There was a great write up in the Herald on Sept. 18 on the string of communities, including Montgomery, that are just north of the Bow River (hence “NoBow”), which provide many elements of inner-city living but in a non-high-rise landscape.  To check it out, click here.

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From the 50th Festival Yesterday

50th Nenshi

MCA Prez. Marilyn Wannamaker, Mayor Nenshi, and BRZ Prez Mike Ostafichuk.

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A “Jump Start” in the Job Market

If you are in high school, or know somebody who is, you might be worrying about the future–and especially about getting jobs with little or no work experience.  Have a look at Jump Start, a City sponsored program for people at the start of their working lives.  Jump Start is a free work preparation program for youth interested in developing their employment skills.  The program centres on active learning workshops to improve employment readiness and build confidence for job search and the workplace. Click here  for more details.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 7.04.25 AM

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MCA/BRZ 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.24.14 AM

Update:  The 50th celebrations were a great success.  Thanks from the MCA to all the hardworking volunteers that made ‘em possible (and of course to our co-hosts, the BRZ).  Pictures coming soon.

The Montgomery-On-The-Bow 50th Anniversary celebrations are here!  The festival (Saturday, Sept. 20),  from noon-4:00, is about to start at community centre (thank you to the army of volunteers who are setting it all up).  Check out the poster for more details.  The weather’s great today for lounging on the grass to listen to the Bownesians at noon and Peter and the Wolves at 2:30.  The kids’ pavilion, bouncy castle, and new playground (complete with climbing rocks at last!) are ready to be enjoyed. Hope to see you there.

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Let the Festivities Begin!

Before DinnerDown at the community centre the decorations are in place, a feast is being prepared, and the band is doing a sound-check.  The silent auction table is laden with great stuff, and countless balloons are now inflated.  Thanks to a great crew for all the work they are doing.  Have fun tonight, ticket-holders.  And don’t forget about tomorrow’s afternoon festival!

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Playgroup is BACK!

Do you have young children at home?  Want to get out of the house and give them a chance to socialize and have fun with other young kids in the neighbourhood?  Here’s your invitation to try out playgroup, 9:30-11:30 on Thursdays at the Community Centre.  Give us a call at the centre to learn more about this program.  MCA membership is required, but otherwise it’s free and it runs for the whole school year.

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Where are your Calgary/Montgomery “Happy Places”?

There’s a project underway over at the Calgary blog, Everyday Tourist, to map the areas of the Calgary that its inhabitants feel happiest in.  They’d like to hear from every community in the city, so if you would like to weigh in, or just to read more about the project, please  click here.

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50th Anniversary Festival

Bunton 01

Montgomery’s Town Hall, with flag a half-mast, on the day that the town was amalgamated with Calgary.

Be sure to drop by the community centre on Sat. the 20th, between 12 and 4. We’re celebrating half a century as a Calgary community! Music by Bownesians at 12,  Peter and the Wolves 2:30.  Lots to see and do.  Predictions are for a beautiful day.

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Montgomery’s Anti-Tagging Strategy

AntiTagging in MontgomeryAnnouncing another stage in the Montgomery Anti-Tagging Strategy. You are the best eyes we have.  See graffiti?  Snap a pic and send to .

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And the Clean-Up Begins . . .

After the heavy snows of this week, many Montgomerians are facing serious clean-up problems.   The City is offering free organics drop off at the three landfills, all of the pumpkin/leaf drop off locations will open for debris disposal starting this weekend, and several Calgary communities will be running clean-ups this weekend as well.  For more information on all of these options to dispose of debris click here.  The City asks that we not put storm debris in trash or recycling bins.  It can damage the bins and be dangerous to city workers.

Also, Enmax has a page on what to do about all kinds of problems with power lines in the wake of the storm.  Click here to go there.

The Parkdale community is working on developing local solutions for the problem of damage from larger, more mature trees that can’t easily be sorted out by homeowners.  To keep up with their efforts, click here.

The city is offering help in the clean up process to seniors and those with physical disabilities.  Click through for more details. Continue reading

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Watch out for Falling Branches!


Snow overnight has caused a lot of tree branches, and some electrical wires, to come down.  Be sure to shake your trees if you haven’t already.  Here is a map of the tree trouble-spots that had been reported earlier this morning (undoubtedly there are more now).  Even the parks are dangerous, so be aware if you are out there.

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West Campus Development: Updated

Latest Update (September 9):  The West Campus application was approved by the city council.  To read all about it, click here.

Update, Again (Sept. 5):  The West Campus land use applications will be going before the city council on Sept. 8.  To learn more about the application, it’s history, and what to expect on Monday, have a look at the articles in today’s Herald by clicking here.

Update (Aug. 1):  The Planning Commission approved the West Campus application on July 31.  It will go before City Council on September 8.  We’ll let you know how that comes out, once we hear.

Original Posting:  The 11 July edition of the Herald ran an article sketching a very positive potential future for the lands around Children’s Hospital (to check it out, click here).   For a briefer version  with more backstory (and maps!), have a look at the 13 July entry in the Everyday Tourist blog, here.  Could Montgomery be the future neighbours to the next Kensington?  Only time will tell.



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